Rocket Baby Bakery


Rocket Baby is a blessing to Milwaukee. Beautiful creations abound there. They create all of their goods daily from scratch, using local sources to the greatest extent practical. They produce a growing range of artisanal breads and pastries, including a variety of naturally leavened hearth breads, baguettes and other yeasted breads.

This was a unique opportunity to work on everything from the branding concept to the printed materials and ephemera, swag, web site and digital strategy, as well as photography, interior design consulting, space planning, and copywriting. The whole 9 yards, as they say.

We saw this as an opportunity to work on a lot of the ideas and concepts we thought would work for the restaurant industry. We worked together with Rocket Baby to realize the goals of their business. The result: we exceeded those goals.

This project was a joint effort between Doug Cheever and Jeff Ganger of Muchohedron, which cemented their suspicions that they could produce great work through collaboration.

logo1 IMG_2640-copy IMG_2117 chocolate-croissants-waiting-to-go-out chocolate-croissant-w_logo-stamped-coffee-cup brioche-bun-w_pearl-sugar---pretty theone_IMG_5460  RBSite2 RBsite1 IMG_5455