Our purpose at Muchohedron is simple: to make Milwaukee a little more interesting. We commute daily in and out of the city. We are creatures of habit and routine. We don’t always see that we are living in amazing times. By training ourselves to see and recognize the brilliant, beautiful and amazing features around us daily, we can create funny, truthful, uplifting, and hopeful messages that remind us of where we are in history, and keep us motivated to make things better. We are purposely keeping the details vague, but that’s because we don’t know what we’re going to be thinking about tomorrow, nor will we know the most appropriate medium to visualize that thought.

If we are successful, people will laugh, smile, and nod along with us when they encounter our creations. Success doesn’t necessarily need a task force to measure. We will know that we’ve achieved our goal when people let us know that they appreciate our work. We know that isn’t very scientific and measurable, but it feels right.

We’ll be adding more thoughts and details here, so check back often for updates.